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January Sale

2019-01-15 10:05:04

Greetings, Heroes of Cronus,


January Sale comes to Cronus! Check out the shopping mall from Jan. 15th to Jan. 25th. Divine Box, Super Moon Box, Expanded Scroll and amazing weapon soul are waiting for you. Don`t miss it!

Duration: Jan. 15th - Jan. 25th

Name Original Price (EP) Sale (EP)
God Tear 136 99
10 Times Oracle Stone 290 99
25 Times Oracle Stone 725 299
P8 Necro Crystal 400 199
P8 Necro Book 5520 1,999
Super Moon Box 8,280 4,140
Divine Box 8,700 4,350
Expanded Scroll 135 65


Items related to composing:

Name Sale (EP)
Soul Stone (P-1) 60
Soul Stone (P-2) 120
Soul Stone (P-3) 180
Soul Stone (P-4) 370
Soul Stone (P-5) 850
L1 Divine Panacea 28
L2 Divine Panacea 57
L3 Divine Panacea 85
L4 Divine Panacea 145
L5 Divine Panacea 290
Reborn Crystal 5
Super Reborn Crystal 18
30-star SaintXO 130
Besides these items, we also offer you one weapon soul:
Name Class Sale (EP)
Azure Frost Talons Vampire 5,888
Azure Cream Staff Mage 5,888
Azure Frost Wand Paladin 5,888
Azure Frost Staff Necromancer 5,888
Azure Frost Sword/Blade Warrior 5,888
Azure Frost Spear Shadow Knight 5,888