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Rebirth in Spring - March Preview

2019-02-28 16:53:18

Hello Heroes!

Spring is a season of new beginning and it means rebirth and change. For you, this is another year of challenge and chance. For us, though it has more than a dozen years since we released, there will be great changes in 2019. New server, new feature, new class are all waiting for you to explore. It is never too late to be brand new! So, let's check the new quests in March now!


1. March Sale (Mar.13th - 19th)

Sale comes again. From Mar.13th to Mar.19th, you can buy items with low price in mall. If you need something, don`t forget about it!


2.Holy Dragon Ceremony (Mar.14th - 27th)

It said that Dragon Clan will show up in March. Some of them would like to bring blessing to heroes, and some of them seems be in trouble. Participate in this event and dragon may reward you wonderful gift!