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One of the gameplay in Eudemon online is to encourage high-level players sharing experiences with newbies via mentor system. The system is a new innovation of traditional online games, which can help the growth of the apprentice and the leveling of the mentor as well.

Now we are very pleased to announce that we will start a series of contests regarding mentor system, which is called Mentor`s Experience Contest.

What is the contest?

1. This Thursday we will give out grand prizes to the hardworking mentors according to their aprrentices` contributed experience. The higher the experience, the better the prizes.

2. A contest will be started just after each Friday`s maintenance. We will calculate the aprrentices` contributed experience to the mentors by the week, and the weekly top 100 experience gainers will win the super prizes.

The rewards:
1st Prize: GodEudemonStone
2nd Prize: ChainChop
3rd Prize: RedStone Pack
4th Prize: FlyingChop
5th Prize: SuperVioletStone
6th Prize: SuperYellowStone
7th Prize: 12 star Universalxo
8th Prize: Stonespack +Universal0
9th Prize: Stonespack
10th Prize: Supereudemon
11-20th Prize: RedStone
21-30th Prize: Scrolls bag *3
31-50th Prize: Scrolls bag *2
51-100th Prize: Scrolls bag *1

Each Scroll bag contains 5 scrolls (Summonscroll,Teleport scroll, Equipmentscroll, Eudemonscroll and Logscroll)

Still do not know how to operate mentor system? Please refer to the mentor system page, and join us in the contest!

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