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Source: Official Time: 2007-02-01

It`s said God endowed Heroes with precious clovers long ago. However, the greedy monsters stole those clovers from kindly Cronus citizens, and even destroyed their houses. Now it`s reported that those monsters will reappear in Continent with clovers. It`s time for our heroes to loot back clovers from monsters and win the super rewards.

Event Time: 2nd of Feb. to 4th of Feb. (Start immediately after Friday`s maintenance)

Description of the event:

A round of clover gathering event lasts 6 hours, and it will circulate until the end of the weekend.  In each hour, you will be asked to gather one kind of clover from one kind of monsters and a common item. Then you need to use a clover and the required item to exchange a medal from Beck. At the last 20 minutes of every round, MythAngel will appear, players can exchange the medals for GloryFeathers, and then exchange the feathers for super rewards.

1. When system notify the start of clover gathering event, you can go to Beck (Cronus 286 362), he will ask you to gather a kind of clover and a common item, which can be used to make a medal.
2. After you find the required clover and item, you can ask Beck to make a medal for you, however it`s not 100% successful.
3. When it goes to next hour, Beck will ask you to gather another kind of clover and item.
4. Repeat the gathering quest until you get 6 medals.
5. Myth Angel will randomly make appearance in the game when the round goes to last 20 minutes. With 6 medals, she`ll give you a GloryFeather as gift.
6. Myth Angel will check up your GloryFeathers, and you can apply for the rewards if you have the feathers.


8 GloryFeathers: A RedStone
5 GloryFeathers: A Full ExpBall
4 GloryFeathers: A VioletStone
3 GloryFeathers: A YellowStone
2 GloryFeathers: A EudemonCrystal
1 GloryFeather: A EudemonClover

1. If you haven`t finished the gathering quest in a round, you can continue to finish it in the following rounds.
2. The medals can be traded and exchanged by players. We encourage players to help each other in the gathering event. | Zero Online | Monster & Me | Conquer Online | Crazy Tao
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