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New Server Elysium Opening Announcement

2019-04-03 14:39:14
Elysium Planitia, as the broad plain that straddles the equator of Mars, was discovered existing vital signs by detector. The Mars Express spacecraft also shows that there is an ice river which was formed thousand years ago and it never melt because of volcano ash. This planitia is mysterious, magical, and even scientists are trying to figure out whether this place is another new continent in universe.
We wonder, whether there is existing several classes of heroes, and they are composing eudemons besides the ice river, building castle with cap rock, establishing a legion and screaming ‘Long Live’ in front of legion gate when enemy try to attack. They work hard, they sing for their beautiful life, they love and respect their friends and finally make this planitia become a wonderland, or even called ‘Elysium’.
This is where ‘Elysium’ from. This server was created by us, but it belongs to you now. Hope you can a great time there. 

Mars, photo credit by NASA


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